Welcome to ARF 's Repeater Map!

I apologize -- these maps are going on 10+ years old, and the networks have changed. As I do not drive around Wisconsin as much anymore, I need some help modernizing them. I have updated the software used to make them, and now I need to get new data! If you know of links, please send them my way. I would like to update by Fall 2016. Thanks, ARF.

I am Christian, KC0ARF, and back in college, I discovered that it was easier to operate my mobile rig referencing repeaters on a map, instead of looking them up in a chart. Thus, the Repeater Map was born. The origonal maps were black and white shapes of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, and they had simple channel numbers, corresponding to repeaters programmed into my Alinco 605. At a swapfest in the late 1990's, I showed the map to others, and they remarked that it was a great idea, but that I needed to put the actual frequencies on the map, so that others could use it.

Before we get too far along with the details, I would like to thank all of the hams out there who have emailed me materials from afar, as I am not able to travel back to Iowa as often, and I am not able to take different routes to ensure that the systems are still on the air playing.

This map is dedicated to my first Elmer, John Sawhill WA0O in Winterset, Iowa. He educated us on the the art of ham radio, and I continue to have more fun that I ever thought possible.

I may be reached at kc0arf@new.rr.com or on 444.775 in the Green Bay, WI area. If you find any open repeater systems not on this map, please contact me, and let's get them on board!

I grant full permission for viewers to download and print out these maps as they wish. Webmasters who wish to link to my site are welcome to do so, provided that they put a blurb out there of who I am, and the spirit of the maps.

Of course, I cannot be held responsible if a particular system is no longer transmitting, or impropely marked on the map. I do my best with keeping things up to date, but things do slip past....

New Revisions to the Maps (June 2003): I have found more repeaters in the NE and NC Wisconsin areas, and a few more UHF link systems in Wisconsin.

New Revisions to the Maps (11-05-02): The NWS built many new NWS transmitters, and they have been added to the map. I have also added known IRLP stations in the area. I also shrunk the images just a bit in size for better letter-size printing. Please let me know how this new process works.

New Revisions made May, 2004. Some new link systems, and added the 220 MHz page.

New Revisions November 4, 2004 to add IRLP to a few systems, and add a couple more repeaters in SE Wisconsin.