The image below shows current US Watches and Warnings. Click on it for more details.
Current Watches & Warnings
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The picture below is a recent satellite image. It will switch between infrared and visible automatically.
Wisconsin Sat Picture
SPC Day 1 Outlook 1am
SPC Day 1 Outlook 3pm
Link to SPC Mesoscale Discussion
Link to SPC Watch
Image of Temperature
Dewpoint Chart
The below graphics are links to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). The graphic on the left is the Mesoscale Discussion page, where the SPC highlights areas of concern for severe weather. If the threat intensifies, they will issue a Watch, as indicated on the right graphic. Click on these graphics to view the details.
The below two images are temperatures (left) and dewpoints (right) for the midwest. These charts are useful to tell where the airmasses are, and how potentially powerful they could be.
The below images are of the jetstream (left) and the surface winds (right). The jetstream influences the direction of fronts, and the surface winds push along individual storms. The arrows show wind direction, and relative strength.
Jetstream Graphic
Text based Information
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For advanced weather projection information, please click here.

Current Weather Information

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For the Green Bay CWA, the latest official information may be found at






Shown below are several sites describing a lot of different types of weather information. Since this webpage is very graphics intense, it will take more than a few moments to load up all of the information. Also, when looking at the information, please verify the date and time stamps to ensure the data is current.









































Five times a day, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) will issue the Day1 Outlook, predicting where severe storms are likely to develop. The image on the left was run around 1am Green Bay time; the image on the right was run around 3pm.

















The below radar image is from the Weather Underground in Michigan. It shows the current front locations, and a radar composite for the Midwest. Please click on the radar image to see close-ups in Wisconsin.